Sunday, December 4, 2011

Marina Island

4 Dec 2011 , Ahhh its Sunday, coz of doing nothing, I decided to accompany @ezzany with @ciksyikin on date (as a driver =.=). @zeeiylaa oso followed :p MARINA ISLAND ! WOOOO

So this is some scene that I 'catch', 
click at the picture so that you can view it in better quality

(photoshop-trying some fisheye effect)

after get some.....dinner (i tot), we move to karaoke, and the scene at there, is not so okay, so I wont upload it.

on the way to back home, in car, @zeeiylaa and I play some bokeh while waiting for the green lamp on the traffic light ;)

NOTE : If you want to ask me for a job, absolutely I WANT ! Not really demand, your satisfied is my money ;) But first TEXT me on !

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